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Mesa Masonry LLC

Where your small projects are monumental to us!

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

Commercial Division:  Specializing in small commercial CMU projects, additions, and remodel work.

Residential Division:  Offering masonry services for all phases of residential masonry.

Thirty-plus years experience.  Minimum rates apply.  Cash payments encouraged.  Limited service area.  Call for details.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Veteran owned and operated.

AZROC# 330238


About Us

"Your small projects are monumental to us!"

With 30-plus years experience in all phases of masonry construction, you can count on Mesa Masonry to complete your project to the highest industry standards.  

As the owner of Mesa Masonry, my focus isn't about becoming one of the biggest masonry contractors in the Valley.  I've worked for those guys, for decades.  I'm not interested in the stress and struggle of all that any more.  What I am interested in is having the freedom to provide excellent service, master level craftsmanship and treating all of my clients the way I would want to be treated. When I say that the success of your project is crucial to my own success as a contractor, that's simply an acknowledgement of a fact.  It's why we say, "your small projects are monumental to us."

Sean Williams




Small Commercial Projects, remodels, renovations. 

Residential Brick, Block, Stone, Cultured Stone.

Retaining Wall Systems






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