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Women Have Legs? What?

When I first started learning the masonry profession, one to the first things I had to memorize was how to tell one block from another, on paper.

Concrete blocks are identified on paper by their dimensions. We identity them by their width, height and length. The formula is W x H x L.. Width, height, length.

But sometimes, it's hard to remember the exact order, WxHxL. Not everything defined y it's dimensions, even in construction, in this order. So how do we remember "our order"?

Women (W) Have (H) Legs (L).

It works and it sticks with you. I first heard this probably around 1989. I recently shared WHL with my 17 year old son who's helping me on jobs this summer, over three decades later.

I'll bet, after reading this two minute article, you too never forget the formula for identifying block sizes on paper. Like John Candy said in the movie, Splash, "when you find something that works, you stick with it!"

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